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K Electric Co., Inc.      History:     

Originally Established 1956 and traded as

 “Ralph Kirchner Electrical Contractor”

After proudly serving in the United States Navy as a Gunners’ Mate on a destroyer during WWII, Ralph Kirchner Sr. returned to civilian life.  He found employment in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.  Due to the seasonal downturns, he quickly turned his attention to the electrical aspects.  This career change brought employment with a major Electrical Contractor in Baltimore.  A good deal of the work involved changing out motors and electrical equipment from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) while completing the apprenticeship.  Upon certification Ralph Sr. opened for business as a sole proprietor in 1956.  Starting the business with his wife and 2 young children, was a bold move.  The used station wagon and the desire to provide electrical expertise to his industrial and residential customers paid-off .  Hard work and knowledge of proper and safe electrical installations, expanded the customer base.

Formerly incorporated in June of 1972.

          “K Electric Company Incorporated”

Private schools joined the ranks of satisfied customers in 1975 and remain an important mainstay of our work to this day.  This drift from industrial installations to schools and commercial customers, developed during a time of economic change.  The energy crisis of the 70’s brought opportunity in the form of energy conservation.  So as we brought our high standards of customer service and electrical expertise to the schools, so too did our customer base continue to expand. 

During the 1990’s K Electric Co Inc played a big role in promoting and installing Energy Efficient T8 Lighting to many schools and commercial customers.  Along with our recommendations and installations K Electric has saved for our customers 10’s of thousands of dollars in energy cost. 



Today our focus is       

A       School Environment – energy conversation, lighting design,  power and                 specific circuit design.  Life Safety and security also play a large part.

B       Commercial customers – for many of the reasons above.

C       Residential services including additions, renovations, Old work repairs.

Mission statement:

To provide expertise in electrical installation with safety and value in mind.   Provide and recommend energy saving products where applicable.  Provide more than what is expected and deliver on promises. 


Recent interest in Solar and Wind generated electric keep our interest ever changing.  As we settle into this new millennium we welcome the changes that illuminate our future.

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