K Electric Co Inc.

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Schools and Churches
Schools and Churches make up a large part of our focus.  Due to the immediate needs and the number of people affected, we are sensitive to timely response and proactive service.  What we mean is permanent repairs or solutions which will not only solve problems but prevent breakdowns.  We are available 24/7 for emergencies.  Our Message Center is tied to our Security & Fire Central Station.  This allows us to be alerted when there is a problem.


Services Offered:

          Lighting design and installation

          Power modification and installation including design

          Life Safety installation and design which includes

                   Fire Alarms

                   Emergency and Exit Lighting

          Generator installation and design

          Security Systems installation and design

          Card Access for doors – turnkey solutions with key fobs & cards

          Video Surveillance using analogue and IP solutions with

digital video recorders DVR’s                                                                                                        

          Audio Visual installations supporting external speakers and

“Rapid Run” wiring methods.

          Data and Phone installation

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